As a salesperson, you’ve been taught to persuade, pitch products, read and mimic body language, and engage in a long list of other sales tactics to build business.

But those tactics no longer work–especially if you’re working with intangible offerings like insurance and financial strategies.

These old-fashioned sales techniques may temporarily move a client toward making a purchase, but they don’t promote long-lasting relationships. To do that, you must become a trusted advisor.

Serial entrepreneur Andre Roos provides in-depth details on how to build meaningful, win-win interactions in this salesmanship guide. Learn how to:

  • follow a tested formula for attracting and keeping clients;
  • nurture clients and grow business; and
  • network with other professionals to provide added value.

Roos also explains why using a scripted approach can create sales suicide–and what you need to do instead, where and when to leave your digital footprints (and when to cover them up or erase them completely), and how to get clients to respect you even when telling them what they don’t want to hear.

Establish trust, become a valued consultant, and build long-lasting success with the priceless insights in The Death of the Salesman and the Rise of the Trusted Financial Advisor.